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Tricks to Make Your Produce Last Longer

Here’s a frustrating scenario. You’ve spent a few hours on Saturday morning creating a shopping list for a week’s worth of healthy meals. You’ve sifted through the… Read More

Bariatric Barbeque

With warmer temperatures approaching, it is getting closer to barbeque season. We love to hear all about the great celebrations our patients are having with friends and… Read More

Play it Safe! 5 Ways to Avoid Injury When Starting A New Exercise Program

Wear the Right Shoes! Get a good pair of athletic shoes appropriate for your new exercise program. If you are running, you need a running shoe. If… Read More

Balancing Health and Budget

Whether you’ve chosen to undergo surgery or participate in a medically supervised diet, whether you’ve just started or you’ve hit your weight loss goal, we all know… Read More

Making the Perfect Salad

Ah the art of salad making...once you've mastered it, endless combinations of delicious and healthy meals await!  Salads are loaded with fiber and protein, which helps you… Read More