Making the Perfect Salad


Ah the art of salad making…once you’ve mastered it, endless combinations of delicious and healthy meals await!  Salads are loaded with fiber and protein, which helps you feel satisfied. You can create the perfect salad in a few quick steps. Make salad a staple in your lifestyle by reviewing these simple steps and stocking up on the right ingredients. Follow these 5 steps and your salad is sure to be nutritious and delicious!

1.  Pick a green base.  Choose dark green leafy vegetables like arugula, spinach, kale, or romaine because the darker the leaf, the more nutrients it will contain.
2.  Choose your veggies.  Be sure to include all the colors of the rainbow in order to get a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.
3.  Pack on the protein.  Protein sources like chicken, turkey, low fat cheese,or beans will make your salad heartier and it will help you feel satisfied for longer.
4.  Add healthy extras.  Toppings such as nuts, seeds, quinoa, fresh herbs, or berries add a lot of flavor and texture.  It also enhances the nutritional value.
5.  Dress it up.  Plant-based oil dressings, such as olive oil vinaigrettes, are healthier alternatives to creamy dressings.