Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Non Surgical Weight loss

There is a lot of information on the “best” way to lose weight. Some of that information is accurate, but unfortunately much of it is not. None of it takes into account your personal health issues. For individuals with more serious health concerns, it is especially essential to weed out fact from fiction. At Sentara Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions we only practice evidence-based medicine, and we take your whole health into account.

Our Medical Obesity Treatment Program is truly comprehensive and addresses multiple factors that affect your weight such as:

  • Medical issues and medications that may contribute to weight gain
  • Dietary advice specific to each patient’s health and lifestyle
  • Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help make needed changes easier and long-lasting
  • Exercise Therapy customized to each patient’s specific need

Our program is designed to teach you how to eat healthier and be healthier for the rest of your life. We do not endorse extreme or fad diets for short-term weight loss.

We may prescribe medications to make following your eating plan easier. Remember, there is no pill that can make you lose weight. Medications only help you to follow your weight loss plan. To achieve your weight loss goal, you will need to follow the comprehensive plan that we formulate together. Sometimes, we can adjust current medications from ones that encourage weight gain to ones that encourage weight loss instead. You will have a full evaluation to see what, if any, medication options are appropriate for you, and we will re-evaluate regularly to adjust if needed.

We will be happy to keep your primary care physician updated with our office notes and lab results. Even though we will help monitor and treat your obesity-related health concerns, it is important that you continue to see your primary care physician as regularly as is recommended.

American Board of Obesity Medicine

american board of obesity medicine

Dr. Caren Beasley is the Clinical Director of Medical Programs at Sentara Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions. She is board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine as well as the American Board of Family Medicine. Being board certified in Obesity Medicine requires the highest level of competency in and a thorough understanding of the treatment of obesity including the genetic, biologic, environmental, medical, social and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity.

Our program provides an evidence-based comprehensive approach which includes additional resources such as a registered dietitian, clinical exercise specialist, bariatric psychologist and bariatric surgeons to achieve optimal results.