Weight Loss Surgery


Choosing to have weight loss surgery is a big decision. When you choose our practice, we take your decision very seriously. Our program provides extensive pre-surgical clearance and education along with post-surgical follow-up and support. Our goal is to fully educate you on your choices.

Understanding your procedure as well dietary and lifestyle change requirements are critical. Our quality surgeons and highly experienced staff are there to guide you through the process and to answer your questions along the way.

Our Program

Information Seminar
Your first step in our program is to attend an Information Seminar. You will learn about the surgeries, the benefits of our program, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Presenting will be one of our weight loss surgeons. You will also be able to listen to the experiences of someone who has already had the surgery. You can register to attend the seminar in person or watch the online version of the seminar anytime at www.SentaraWeightLossSeminar.com.

Getting You Ready For Surgery

Medical & Psychological Clearances
Your health and safety are our utmost concerns. We have every patient schedule various medical clearance tests depending upon your particular medical conditions. We evaluate every patient thoroughly. These tests might include lab work, x-rays, a sleep apnea test, gallbladder ultrasound, EKG, or other tests. All patients are also administered a psychological clearance.

Education Before and After Surgery
Following weight loss surgery you will have to make some changes in diet and lifestyle. We provide you with all of the information and resources you will need. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is there to guide you through the changes you will need to adopt and to answer your questions.

  • Wellness & Nutrition Class.
    This class is taught by our bariatric program coordinator, a registered dietician and an exercise physiologist who are very experienced in educating our weight loss surgery patients. The class teaches the diet and exercise habits necessary for long-term success after surgery.
  • Pre-Surgery Class.
    A couple of weeks before surgery you will meet again with the bariatric program coordinator, registered dietician, and exercise physiologist. They will review dietary and lifestyle requirements and answer any last minute questions.
  • One-Month After Surgery Class.
    A month after surgery you will meet with the bariatric program coordinator, registered dietician, and exercise physiologist to review dietary next steps and to answer any of your questions.
  • Support Groups.
    These are an invaluable part of your preparation and long-term follow-up. This is your opportunity to hear first-hand about patient experiences including their successes and challenges. These support groups are a place to make friends, pick up tips for success, and have the support of fellow patients. We also often have featured speakers that speak about diverse topics such as weight-loss-surgery-friendly cooking, plastic surgery, psychological issues, and more.

Center of Excellence

The Sentara Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions’ program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons. Our surgeons and Sentara Norfolk General Hospital have passed a rigorous examination of our clinical quality and program attributes. We hold Level 1a certification which is reserved for centers that perform a high volume of weight loss surgeries and are “able to manage the most challenging and complex patients with optimal opportunity for safe and effective outcomes.”

We are also accredited by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s Blue Distinction Centers for Bariatric Surgery, United Resource Networks Bariatric Centers of Excellence Network, and we are a CIGNA Certified Hospital for Bariatric Surgery.