Gastric Bypass FAQ

1. How long does the surgery take?
2. How long am I in the hospital?
3. How long will I be out of work?
4. What are some of the possible complications of gastric bypass?
5. What is life like after the surgery?
6. Is the remaining stomach that is separated from the pouch removed during surgery?
7. What follow-up and support are available to gastric bypass patients after surgery?
8. Can I attempt to get pregnant after bypass surgery?
9. Is gastric bypass surgery reversible?
10. Can the stomach stretch back to its normal size after gastric bypass surgery?
11. Will the staples used in my surgery interfere with imaging tests such as CT scans and MRIs?
12. What is dumping syndrome?
13. Will I ever be able to drink alcohol again?
14. Is it possible to gain my weight back after gastric bypass surgery?
15. Will I need plastic surgery after my weight loss?
16. Which weight loss surgery is considered the best?
17. How much weight should I lose after Gastric Bypass surgery?