Nutrition FAQ

1. What does “bariatric” mean?
2. What is the difference between the diet for gastric bypass patients and those who have lap banding?
3. What will my diet be like after surgery?
4. How much should I be eating after surgery?
5. What if I am still hungry after 4 ounces of food?
6. How many calories will I be taking in after surgery?
7. Will I need vitamin/mineral supplements for life?
8. What are the recommendations about drinking liquids with meals?
9. What are common food problems after gastric bypass surgery?
10. Can I eat in restaurants with my family after bariatric surgery?
11. Can’t I just follow the weight loss surgery diet of small portions and avoiding problem foods, and lose weight without having surgery?
12. I am concerned about hair loss if I have bariatric surgery. Why does this happen?